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Business contacts research.

   Our consultants have proven track record in successful closing of the most challenging positions in Russia and in Europe. Considering our vast contact network and level of expertise we are happy to provide our clients with valuable business contacts in distribution, registration, contract manufacturing, etc. 

  Due to extensive development of the agricultural complex and its attractiveness a huge number of companies are interested in entering this market in Russia. Our consultants have a vast experience in setting up business entities in Russia. ​

   Our consultants work with very narrow profile range that allow for successful search for the most successful partners for our clients who will help them optimize such business processes as feeding, veterinary, agriculture, plant6 diary and meat production and processing, etc.

High-potential candidates


Our experts will assist your management create an employee pool of the best candidates in the market. 

It is evident that in order to minimize corporate risks, candidates have to be considered not only according to their suitability for the tasks associated with the position but also according to their adherence to the corporate culture. 

Being well-established career advisors we have direct access to the potential candidates so we are in a unique position where we are able to confidentially introduce the best specialists to the best companies in the market, so the client rests assured that even in an unlikely case of losing one or several key employees – there is always a pool of potential candidates to choose from. 

We are happy to compile a short-list of the best candidates if needed so that the client could save them in the dedicated talent pool.



   Our candidates are well-established skilled professionals, mostly employed at present time. We advise them on their careers based not only on their skills, but also on their ambitions. 

We see our challenge to understand the candidate’s motivation fully and translate it to the client in the most clear and concise way possible. 

     We are well-established go-to professionals when the project at hand requires urgent closing of the challenging position. 

Our consultants are mature and well-established professionals with proven track record in recruitment and business. We employ the 360 principle in our candidate evaluation that allows to gather the most comprehensive resume including information from protected sources and feedback from candidate’s managers, peers, subordinates and clients.

    We strictly adhere to the substitution policy, meaning that any position is subject to re-closing free of charge during the trial period set by Russian Labor Code (3 months for skilled personnel and 6 months for the management). 

​    Our closing ratio is 1 substitution for every 100 closed positions. Such rate is achieved by carefully considering candidates’ professional skill set as well as personal profile. We strive for 100% match, taking into account how the candidate shall fit with the client’s corporate culture and the potential manager and the team.  


Hi-Po candidates


One of our clients, a German chemical distribution company, requested a talent pool for the position of CEO of Russian subsidiary as current CEO was leaving. In two weeks, we presented a talent pool that allowed for considerable minimization of risks for our client.

Salary survey.

   Our clients request updates on current compensation package situation on the market that we are happy to provide. Having unique expertise in all regions of the country we deliver most up-to-date information on salaries, bonuses, subsidized loans and other benefits currently offered on the market.   

Career consulting.

   Our candidates are successful and well-stablished professionals with 10 to 15 years of experience in the industry currently not looking for job opportunities.

We provide strictly confidential career advice based on candidate’s motivation scope.  

Salary survey


- One of our clients planned a launch in Russia. We delivered a list of potential business partners that ensured further speedy and smooth entry to the Russian market. 

​- We recommended an external consultant who saved our client over 5 million USD in budget optimization and offered specific solutions addressing feeding optimization problems.  


One of our clients (a well-established European producer of premixtures) requested information on current packages for Chief Technology Officer position. The information we delivered ensured not only clear understanding of the market situation by the Company management, but allowed for successful acquisition of a candidate matching the company profile.


We employ the best consultants in the market who can deliver a tailored solution for each and every candidate. One of the leading specialists approached us for a career advice. At that moment, he was successfully managing several areas of business, however such workload and responsibilities were initially provisioned for two FTEs.  Despite the fact that he was satisfied with the employer and the product, he was physically exhausted and unable to cope with the workload. After carefully interviewing the candidate we proposed an open dialog with the employer. As a result – the situation was resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the candidate and the employer.  


Our client (a seed manufacturer from the Netherlands) approached us to close the position of an agriscientist with protected agriculture and English language skills responsible for sales and technical testing. The company had previously employed the leading Russian and European recruiting agencies, however was unable to close the position in question. We succeeded to deliver a successful candidate within four months. After three years, the candidate is successfully employed by the client and is responsible for implementing new cutting-edge technologies.

    Our target is to deliver a pool of candidates (usually 3-5 profiles) within the first two weeks. Every profile is guaranteed to comply fully with the client’s original request and comes accompanied with a detailed description of the solutions, scope of business and KPIs this specialist can deliver. Preliminary filtering ratio on average is 30 filtered candidates to 1 chosen profile.

With our expertise in the sector we can deliver consistent feedback on the current market situation, competition, trends and technologies. We deliver a search map across all regions of Russia with detailed summary of qualifications and motivations for every candidate. That allows the client to have broader and more consistent overview of the current closed market situation. Confidentiality is paramount for us and is our key principle for conducting business.

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